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Connecting Kids
with the Right Care

FirstMatch® is a software designed to
enhance compatibility, inform decision-making, and deliver better outcomes
for kids needing care or placement in the juvenile justice or child welfare system
Turn data
into insights
Increase positive
Save time
and money
Turn data into insights
Reduce recidivism
Increase positive outcomes
Save time and money

In treatment planning, every decision can shape a child’s future.

Making the right call in treatment planning is essential. It shapes the trajectory of a young life. But making the right decision without the right data is challenging. In fact, 66% of kids are placed in the wrong program the first time and have to cycle through additional interventions.
Enter FirstMatch. Our powerful software is here to ensure kids are matched with the right program from the get-go.
“Prior to the implementation of FirstMatch, we had no way to track clientele once they were transferred or released from our programs.  The FirstMatch tool is simple to use and is allowing us to easily track our clients, collect and manage outcomes, and identity the most appropriate populations for our programs.  I highly recommend this tool!”
Joe Hassan, Administrator, Keystone Adolescent Center

Make better matches

Our refined matching process uses secure data to place children in programs best suited to their backgrounds and needs.

Improve outcomes

Smarter, data-driven recommendations lead to better outcomes and reduced trauma for youth.

Increase program success

With personalized matching criteria, FirstMatch helps juvenile justice, child welfare and behavioral health professionals achieve success.

Save time and money

By streamlining the process and improving treatment success, FirstMatch decreases the total number of interventions a child experiences, leading to financial savings.

We’re dedicated to setting
you up for success

It’s tough wanting the best for every child and facing uncertainties about their treatment intervention. With FirstMatch, you can harness the power of data to improve outcomes for youth, providers, and systems alike.

FirstMatch uses predictive analytics to help identify the most appropriate treatment

for a child in order to improve outcomes and reduce the number of interventions a child experiences.
We’ve refined this software in real-world environments to best serve you and the youth you serve.

With FirstMatch, you’ll rest easier knowing you’re using secure, protected data to find the right program, the first time.

“As someone who has worked in the behavioral health field, I’ve seen firsthand the devastating consequences of youth not receiving adequate or appropriate services. Right now, kids are matched with the right program only 34% of the time. FirstMatch offers a data-focused to solution to finding the right program for the kids the very first time they enter care, leading to reduced trauma and more positive outcomes. I truly believe that this platform has the potential to catalyze change throughout the child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems.”
Joni S. Schwager, Executive Director, Staunton Farm Foundation

Curious about the difference FirstMatch makes?

Meet David

David is a 17-year-old who was recently charged with several significant offenses. Because of this, David has been adjudicated delinquent and is currently in an alternative-to-detention facility awaiting disposition.
Without FirstMatch, David:
  • Becomes 1 of the 55,100 youth placed in a residential program each year with a 91% likelihood that this will not be his last residential program 
  • Is not placed in the program that matches his unique background
  • Struggles to find his footing as he’s placed somewhere that might not meet his needs
  • Repeats the cycle of his behaviors as he wasn’t placed in a program designed to help him succeed
With FirstMatch, David:
  • Is placed in the program he’s 84% likely to complete with an 87% chance he’ll remain out of care once discharged
  • Avoids being placed in a program he’s only 39% likely to complete, with a 47% chance he’ll remain out of care once discharged
  • Avoids becoming one of the 91% of youths who will repeat residential placement
  • Is set up for long-term success as decision-makers used data to inform the best intervention for him

David’s story is like many we encounter – a young person on the brink of pivotal life changes. With FirstMatch, his story takes a turn for the better, illustrating the profound impact of thoughtful, data-informed intervention decisions.

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Every child deserves
their best chance

FirstMatch ensures that every child is in the right program for them so that they have the best opportunity for lifelong success