FirstMatch® is more than just a tool for matching youth to right program for them. FirstMatch also offers a broad-based admissions tracking platform that assists service providers in managing referrals and placements, and offers analysis of referral marketing trends.  

FirstMatch Dashboards

Our dashboards allow you to visually track, display, measure, and analyze critical data in order to monitor and improve your performance.  These customizable displays will help you to adapt quickly to organizational and marketplace trends and fluctuations. 





Referrals Dashboard 


Want to know how you’re doing in terms of overall referrals?  The referrals dashboard provides both a high level and in-depth examination of the status, source and location composition of your referral pipeline. 


            Occupancy Dashboard 


It’s important to know how long youth are staying in your programs and how well your programs are remaining full in order to monitor program quality and marketing effectiveness.  The program analytics dashboard offers insight into the average length of stay, occupancy rate and replacement rate.    



     Demographics Dashboard 


The FirstMatch demographic dashboard provides an in-depth overview of multiple client demographics completely customized to your organization’s needs. 



      Market Analysis Dashboard  


Need help understanding your referral distribution?  FirstMatch offers a breakdown of referral performance by source. 


      Prediction Tool Dashboard 


FirstMatch has a built in prediction tool analytics dashboard that demonstrates the accuracy of predictions against actual outcomes.  This assists in recalibration of the tool over time.