Why FirstMatch®?

Youth who are part of the child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems are often matched with programs that do not meet their specific treatment needs.
Selecting the right treatment program for kids is challenging. Clinical information is complex and the time to make those decisions is short. Today, children are placed in the right program for them only 34% of the time. When states, counties, or providers make the wrong decisions, kids experience disruptions in care and cycle through multiple treatment programs.

FirstMatch provides a solution

FirstMatch is a predictive analytics software solution that will match a child with the right treatment program the first time, significantly increasing the chances of a successful outcome. When a child’s information is entered into FirstMatch, the tool uses an agency’s historical outcomes to recommend the best program for that particular child whether it’s a residential placement or in-house counseling, or behavioral or mental health services. Organizations have the data to make an informed choice.

With FirstMatch:

  • Only needs one placement or treatment program
  • Spends less time away from family
  • Has better chance of long-term success
Treatment Provider
  • Treats most appropriate youth
  • Sees reduced lengths of stay
  • Experiences decreased recidivism and re-entry rates
Child Care Systems
  • See reduced lengths of stay
  • Have less overall placements
  • Realize cost savings
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Predictive Analytics

How FirstMatch Works

FirstMatch uses an agency’s distinctive data set to create a predictive analytics tool individualized to their programming and their clients.
When a child’s information is entered into the organization’s unique FirstMatch tool, the intelligent application compares the characteristics and predictive factors of the referred child to the historical outcomes achieved by the agency’s programs that had the same or similar predictive factors. FirstMatch then generates a report, based upon the data, that recommends the most appropriate program available within the organization.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

FirstMatch Impact

FirstMatch is the only tool of its kind that will predict the likelihood of a match between child and treatment program based upon a youth’s specific predictive factors and a provider’s clinical and outcomes data. This information not only provides a better likelihood of success for youth, but offers users an opportunity for growth in organizational capacity through competitive advantage, an increased return on investment and improved clinical outcomes.
  • Increases the number of youth who are accepted by an organization and are ultimately placed with that organization
  • Increases the number of clients in the program that align with the program’s target population
  • Increases program completion rates
  • Increases remain-out-of-care rates
  • Decreases re-entry and recidivism rates
  • Reduces amount of time youth is separated from their family
  • Reduces incidents commonly associated with an unsuccessful program match
  • Reduces the likelihood of a youth’s deeper involvement in the system
  • Provides a financial benefit, leading to long-term organizational sustainability
  • Prepares organizations for performance-based or evidence-based contracting

ongoing maintenance and technical support

Implementing FirstMatch

When a child-serving organization partners with FirstMatch, they receive a full complement of services, from implementation and start-up to ongoing maintenance and technical support.

placement tool

FirstMatch Report

FirstMatch provides organizations with the tools they need to generate more informed treatment decisions.

Once a youth’s data is entered into FirstMatch, the tool produces a report for the user that reveals the likelihood that a youth will achieve the desired outcome within a particular program.
Represents a youth undergoing treatment