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ISG Award

FirstMatch Achieves Recognition as ISG Case Study Standout

FirstMatch has been honored with the ISG Case Study Standout Award in the Education category. This prestigious award is a testament to exemplary collaborative efforts, evaluated through an extensive analysis of their tangible impacts on client operations and the uniqueness of the solutions provided.
Developed through a partnership between the non-profit organization Adelphoi and Cigniti Technologies, FirstMatch utilizes a data-driven approach to tailor treatment program recommendations for each child in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The software was recognized for its capacity to:
  • Minimize reliance on out-of-home placements
  • Curtail the risk of deeper system involvement
  • Alleviate trauma experienced by the youth
  • Enhance the overall outcomes for children
The accolade underlines FirstMatch’s role in spearheading solutions that not only innovate but also deliver profound benefits to the lives of children and their families, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of improved care and support within these critical sectors.