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Why First Match?

Navigating the complex pathways of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems can be daunting. That’s precisely where FirstMatch steps in.
Imagine a tool so insightful that it can predict the most suitable program for a child’s unique situation with remarkable accuracy. FirstMatch is that tool—a predictive analytics solution designed to transform the intervention selection process.
At its core, FirstMatch harnesses the potential of machine learning to analyze data, drawing meaningful connections between a child’s specific needs and the most effective programs available. This isn’t just about making smarter matches; it’s about leveraging data to ensure each child receives the tailored support they need from the outset.
With only 34% of youth being placed in the right program the first time, we invite you to be part of a movement that is reshaping the way support is provided to youth in need. FirstMatch represents a step forward in ensuring that every child receives the opportunity to thrive in the most suitable environment from the start.

How FirstMatch Works

Leveraging Your Data for Better Outcomes

Welcome to FirstMatch, where every match sparks a potential, every number tells a story, and every child steps closer to success.

Let’s dive into the process:

Step 1:
Making the Match

Envision yourself as a strategist with the ability to foresee the optimal outcomes. That’s the essence of FirstMatch. By inputting a child’s details into FirstMatch, our sophisticated application meticulously compares their profile against the historical successes of your programs or interventions to find the perfect match for each child.

Step 2:
Insightful Predictions

Following our comprehensive analysis, FirstMatch produces an insightful report. This isn’t just a summary; it’s a detailed guide that recommends the most suitable program within your agency for the child in question, based on data. Moreover, the report forecasts potential outcomes, including program completion rates, recidivism, and more, tailored to emphasize the insights most pertinent to your needs.

Step 3:
Dynamic Learning

The journey doesn’t end with the report. Outcomes for the child are integrated back into FirstMatch and contribute to the tool’s learning algorithm, enhancing its predictive accuracy over time. This feedback loop not only enriches the tool’s database but also sharpens its effectiveness, equipping your organization with a progressively refined tool for data-driven decision-making.

The Success Equation

The Right Fit: It’s Everything

In the complex web of child welfare, juvenile justice, and behavioral health systems, it’s not just about having quality programs. It’s about finding the right spot where a child fits perfectly.

Why 10% Matters

Imagine a program with a history of only a 10% Remain-Out-of-Care success rate. Sounds like a bad program, right? Before you jump to conclusions, consider this: for 10% of kids, that program was a perfect match. Yes, you heard it right. It was the right program for them, making it a stellar success for a particular group of kids with particular needs.

The Formula to

Here’s where we make it all click: Child + Quality Program + FirstMatch = A Winning Combination. At FirstMatch, we’re obsessed with ensuring that we get the match right. Because truth be told, while a quality program is a cornerstone, the right match is equally, if not more pivotal to a child’s journey to success.

The Success Equation

Child + Quality Program + FirstMatch =
Positive Outcomes

FirstMatch Report

Data-Driven Recommendations

FirstMatch empowers users with the insights necessary to make smarter, data-driven treatment choices through a comprehensive report generated by the tool.
Once you input a young person’s details into FirstMatch, our intelligent matching system springs into action, crafting a report that recommends the most appropriate program or intervention for that child, while also forecasting the likelihood of achieving specific outcomes within that chosen program. Whether you’re a provider sharing insights with a referral partner or a referral source delving into the options, FirstMatch equips you with the detailed analysis needed to guide your treatment planning confidently.

And There You Have It!

That’s FirstMatch in a nutshell. It’s a blend of science, data, and a touch of magic that helps match youth with the care they need to succeed. It’s about making smarter choices, reducing guesswork, and ensuring every child gets the best shot at a brighter future.

Ready to see it in action?

Dive into the world where data meets care, and discover how we’re changing lives, one match at a time.